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2016 -2020

stimOS GmbH was founded in May 2015 by Prof. Dr. Helmut Cölfen, Prof. Dr. Günter Schatz, Prof. Dr. Johannes Boneberg, all University of Konstanz and Dr. Dietmar Schaffarczyk. stimOS develops innovative technologies and procedures to refine, functionalize and activate implant materials. As a supplier and service provider, stimOS makes this technology available to implant manufacturers. In addition, the company offers services in the field of product development and certification, and develops with the product line spineFuseMBT implants for spinal fusion surgery.

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Forum Healthcare Industry 2016

stimOS was asked for a keynote speech about surface functionalisation and activation. stimOS CEO presented to the auditorium the unique benefits of MBT technologies.

Healthcare Innovation, Strasbourg 2016 

stimOS was invited for a lecture about SMART implants. During the congress stimOS could present the concept of implant surfaces that mimicking bone.

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stimOS achieves ISO 13485:2016 Certification

stimOS was nominated as one of the most innovative medtech start-ups in Europe.



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Medtech Europe 2017, START-UP ACADEMY

stimOS was nominated as one of the most innovative medtech start-ups in Europe.

Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2017

stimOS was invited to present its Mimicking Bone Technology (MBT) to the panel.

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High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and MBG invest in Mimicking Bone Technologies.

Constance / Bonn / Stuttgart, 20 July 2017:   stimOS wins HTGF and MBG as investors. HTGF sees great potential in the Mimicking Bone Technology: " stimOS addresses a problem, which affects both patients and public funds," explains Dr. Caroline Fichtner, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF. "We are delighted to be able to make this urgently needed material available to physicians, surgeons and patients," says Frank Kraheberger, Leiter VC at MBG.


2018 -2019

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Chartié Berlin sponsors an Comparative Animal Model, performed by the VetSuisse Team of University Zurich

stimOS can proof the outstanding osseointegrative characteristics of its Mimicking Bone Technology compared to Ha enhanced PEEK (Invibio Ltd.) and Titanium implant surfaces.

4th International PEEK Meeting, Washington

stimOS was invited by the scientific committee of the International PEEK Meeting and by Drexel University to present the comparative animal test results of MBT functionalisation technology to the auditorium during a podium presentation and discussion.

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High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and MBG expand their investment in stimOS and its Mimicking Bone Technologies.

July 12, 2025


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