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Following our Transparency Strategy, all articles, scientific papers, brochures and technical documentations are published "open source".


What is  (r-) evolutionary in stimOS' technologies ?

MBT is a unique surface modification technology: 100% metal free, 100% osseointegrative, without the risk of abrasion or delamination: Check out High5 MBT here.

Is stimOS a Legal Manufacturer or a technology & service provider?

Acting as certified technology provider and as certified legal manufacturer, stimOS will establish various sales & distribution channels.

Where can I buy stimOS products and/or technologies?

stimOS will market it‘s own unique implant portfolio and will licence MBT for legal manufactures, that are interested in MBT technology to enhance the performance of their own hip, knee, spinal or CMF implants. Check out our ISO 13485:2016 certificate here and contact us.

Whitepapers & Scientific Publications

Critical evaluation of different coating technologies

Technology Verification File

Animal Model I

Technology Validation File

Animal Model II

Technology Validation File

PRESS: Files

KPI Analysis of stimOS MBT Technology

Case Study about stimOS spineFuse implants

The Need for a Quality Standard for Coatings

Scientific Paper analyzing the quality standard of different coatings

S.P.E.L. Quality Evidence Level Evaluation of Surface Functionalization Technologies

Scientific Paper describing how to proof Safety and Performance of Surface Functionalizations

PRESS: Files

S.P.E.L. Safety and Performance Evidence Level for 3D printed Medical Devices

Scientific Paper and Perspective describing S.P.E.L for Additive Manufacturing

On the Future Design of Dental Implants

Scientific Paper and Review describing Possibilities in Dental Implant Improvement

New Benchmark in Surface Functionalization Technologies

Industry Article describing stimOS surface Technologies as Future Benchmark Technologies

PRESS: Files
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