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stimOS GmbH

Inspired by nature. Developed by stimOS.

stimOS GmbH develops and markets (r)evolutionary technologies that functionalize implant materials and offers these technologies to implant manufacturers. With the product lines spineFuse and smartDENT the company develops own biosimilar implant systems. 

stimOS GmbH is committed to providing highest quality products, services and technologies. stimOS is an ISO 13485:2016 certified Legal Manufacturer of spinal and dental implants. In addition stimOS is a supplier of Golden Standard surface functionalization technologies. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry.

2021: MedTECH Outlook awarded stimOS as TOP10 Orthopedic Solution Provider, Europe.

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Golden Standard Technology

There are too many surface treatments on the market…

                                                             … using different technologies and adressing various needs: 

The idea of stimOS` competitors is, to simply apply a coating on the implant surface. But solutions like this are problematic: The coating process often damages the implant material and there are serious problems with regard to abrasion and delamination and/or metal ion release.

But there is one solution: based on one biochemical principle, using on technology, adressing ALL important market needs: stimOS Mimicking Bone Technology.

With MBT, stimOS offers the surgeon and his patients a completely new solution. Rather than relying on coating technologies, the company restructures the implant materials biochemically by means of a covalently bound activation layer. 

Doing this stimOS gives inert materials biological features close to nature. With MBT the company created an evolutionary material with unique characteristics made to support early bone formation and proper anchorage that can be described as cell-attractive and anti-inflammatory.

MBT is one technology concept addressing the most important needs of surgeons and patients 
for high- performance implant materials to be used in spinal, dental, CMF and other orthopedic applications.

Check here stimOS MBT Booklet.

Check here spineFuse Booklet.

Check here stimOS PRESS RELEASE REVIEW 2021

Download here stimOS PRESS RELEASE 2021 as PDF.File

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spineFuse MBT implants

Download here spineFuse Booklet.

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KPI Analysis of stimOS MBT Technology

Case Study about stimOS spineFuse implants

The Need for a Quality Standard for Coatings

Scientific Paper analyzing the quality standard of different coatings

Quality Evidence Level Evaluation of Surface Functionalization Technologies

Scientific Paper describing how to proof Safety and Performance of Surface Functionalizations

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stimOS MBT is validated by in-vitro and in-vivo test methods. stimOS MBT is evaluated according S.P.E.L. standards.

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