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On the Future of Bio-Inspired Dental Implants

Feature Article about stimOS technology in dental applications

New Golden Standard Coating

Comparative animal test results of the osseointegrative superiority of MBT compared to titanium and HA enhanced PEEK

stimOS ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

Certification as Legal Manufacturer of surface treatment technologies, dental and spinal implants & instruments



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KPI Analysis of stimOS MBT Technology

Case Study about stimOS spineFuse implants

The Need for a Quality Standard for Coatings

Scientific Paper analyzing the quality standard of different coatings

Quality Evidence Level Evaluation of Surface Functionalization Technologies

Scientific Paper describing how to proof Safety and Performance of Surface Functionalizations

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stimOS GmbH

Inspired by nature. Developed by stimOS.

stimOS GmbH develops and markets (r)evolutionary technologies that functionalize implant materials and offers these technologies to implant manufacturers. With the product lines spineFuse and smartDENT the company develops own biosimilar implant systems. 


Cell attractive and anti-inflammatory:


Mimicking Bone Technology:
Stealth Technology for implants

To give the patient best treatment possible and to ensure a life free of pain post-operatively stimOS GmbH has developed a unique biochemical procedure that initiates early and healthy bone formation, gives best anchorage also in osteoporotic bone, and can be described as anti-inflammatory. 

The company's mission is to transform implant surfaces from an artificial barrier in the patient´s body into a bone-identic implant body interface to avoid inflammatory reactions and re-operations. 

"We do this because conventional implant materials are not really made to support bone healing, especially not in the case of revisions and with patients with osteoporotic bone." Dietmar Schaffarczyk, CEO of stimOS GmbH.

Implants that do not heal in the patient's body often need to be replaced. These additional procedures are not uncommon and additionally burden the health of the patient, which is already weak: German Society for Implantology reports about 160.000 dental implants that must be replaced per year as they do not heal properly. German AOK states that 40% of all spine surgeries end in a revision. According to the German federal bureau of statistics, more than 16.000 artificial hips and 26.000 artificial knees per year must be re-operated and replaced because the implants do not anchor or heal in properly. This is where the development of stimOS researchers takes place: MBT will be crucial to avoid revisions due to failed operations.

The problem of implant loosening and inflammatory reactions due to inert implant materials is known for already for a long time: Until now this problem was not addressed successfully. MBT will change the game.


Products, Technologies & Services


stimOS GmbH is committed to providing highest quality products, services and technologies. stimOS is an ISO 13485:2016 certified Legal Manufacturer of spinal and dental implants. In addition stimOS is a supplier of Golden Standard surface functionalization technologies. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Get in touch to learn more.


Introducing Mimicking Bone Technologies:

Golden Standard Technology

​The idea of stimOS` competitors is, to simply apply a coating on the implant surface. But solutions like this are problematic: The coating process often damages the implant material and there are serious problems with regard to abrasion and delamination and/or meal ion release.

With MBT, stimOS offers the surgeon and his patients a completely new solution. Rather than relying on coating technologies, the company restructures the implant materials biochemically by means of a covalently bound activation layer. 

Doing this stimOS gives inert materials biological features close to nature. With MBT the company created an evolutionary material with unique characteristics made to support early bone formation and proper anchorage that can be described as cell-attractive and anti-inflammatory.


stimOS MBT is validated by in-vitro and in-vivo test methods.


Comparative Animal Model:

stimOS GmbH   I   Vetsuisse University of Zurich   I   Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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Study Setup

Initially, a total of 36 cylindrical implants with an external thread (diameter: 3.55 mm, length: 8 mm) were produced by turning from round rods of the following three implant materials: Pure Titanium, pure PEEK, HA enhanced PEEK (Invibio Ltd.). 

The well described and reliable pelvic sheep model was used for the study because of the transferability to humans. The implants were installed in the cranial part of the left (n = 6) and right (n = 6) pelvis of each animal (Fig.1), whereas their position alternated on either side of the linea glutea of the iliac bone. The animals were sacrificed 8 weeks postoperatively and the n = 6 implants of each implant group were examined histologically.

The test implants made from pure PEEK have been functionalised using stimOS MBT technology. stimOS has already achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification by verification and validation of MBT processes. The technology has passed regulatory clearance.

>> see section below to study the animal model test results.

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Applying MBT on the implant's surface, stimOS enhances the osseointegrative characteristics of spinal fusion implants


spineFuse MBT implants

Mimicking Bone Technology



To support maximum bone formation, spineFuse cages developed by stimOS offer the surgeons 100% functionalized Bone Contact Area (BCA) with an integrated Bone Anchorage Area (BAA) on the top of the cage and on its side walls.


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